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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  November 8, 2014 11:00pm-11:31pm PST

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all lanes have just reopened in the eastbound direction of the gold, gate brimming. we're told there is a major backup getting onto the bay bridge from san francisco still. the chp says a wrong way driver collided with vehicles on the eastbound side of the new span of the bay bridge. it happened about 8:30 this evening. at least 7 people were hurt, 3 of them critically. chp says they cannot confirm how many pipe were involved in
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this crash. in other big news, 2 maimps released from captivity were greeted at a u.s. military base tonight. they were greeted by family on the tarmac. condition e.t. bay spoke to the press. he's thankful to everyone who's worked hard to get him home. >> i want to thank you all for supporting me and standing behind me. i lost a lot of weight. but i am standing strong because of pup. >> both bay and matthew todd miller were release bid korean officials today. they were sentenced to years of hard labor for committing hostile acts. back in the bay area been
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antioch police made a gruesome discovery, a body found with a gunshot wound. kromn 4's willie jagal says police are ruling this a homicide as the city of antioch has seen a slew of shootings. >> reporter: in front of patrick mccabe's home, the body of 356-year-old man found on the corner of grass lan and whitehook ways. >> it's unusual. this is a quiet neighborhood. >> reporter: the man suffered at least one gs gs wound. he was discovered just before 2:30 when police responded to a report of man possibly sleeping on the swobbing near mccbe's house. what we do know is it's been a violent 7 cays in nantioc p. last sunday a woman was wounded
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by a stray bullet. 3 days later in the same area, a security guard was solved in a shootout near a starbalks after a man who was eventually arrested pulled out a gun. the man from pittsburgh was was shot to death after shopping with his brother. >> anybody with a weapon in the street is concerning. you never know where a wallet might land. >> reporter: the shortstaffed police forest has its hand full. but it is hoped shootings will come to an end. >> can you move for the rest of your life, and but that will not solve it. my fate is in the police fort forest. >> reporter: no arrests have been papped an investigator tells me it's unclear if any of the shootings are related.
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now ton to decision 2014, the race for san jose mayor is still up for grabs. votes are still being counted tonight. ricardo is already claiming victory. volunteers came in on a saturday to continue to count the ballot the. >> a lot of these white boxes are being filled after hours of opening and sorting vote by mail envelopes. another 47,000 votes have been counted. >> we're working 12 hour days a a minimum. our entire lobby of our department where the public comes in is full of staff opening and filing ballot. we used every square inch in open ballots. >> reporter: nearly 150,000 vote by mail ballots. at least 100 people came in to help on saturday.
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there's there's anywhere from 20 to 30,000 left to be processed. the staff will reach their goal to have completing the vote by mail count by sunday. and then they'll mauve move on to the 14,000 provisional votes that need to be counted. those are voters whose informs needs verifying. >> we can confirm, did you return your vote by mail ballot center. >> reporter: sam ricardo continues to lead with a 51-49% vote. corteze refuses to concede. voters may node to wait a few weeks to' who won. b.a.r.t.'s new train will open starting sat. riders will be able to ride wasp 4 trains.
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the federal transited a my strags is give a.c. transit $180 million for their buzz bust perhaps sit project. a.c. transit says the progrect is to connect oak louisiana to san l actors ndro's bus stays. they'll have dedicated lanes and signal priorities. coming up, san francisco mourns the loss -- san francisco zoo mourns the loss of their 16 month old gorilla. plus lost at l.a.x., a family searching for their beloved pet. who they're blameing. and a fireball caught on camera. we'll explain what lit up the night next. silent night not so silent?
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across texas. just look at how bright it is. many in texas say that it crashed into earth, isn't all that unusual. that's say says every day, about 100 tons of meteorites enter the the most fear in the form of dust gravel, even big rocks. most of the sighings were in texas. still hid with a tragic accident at a san francisco zoo. if you concerns after a 16 month old gorilla is crushed by a door. and plans to crack down on thieves saling water from fire hide rants. >> and where we had record heat. aisle talk about our warm day tomorrow. >> and 49ers better beat the saint ifs they hope to make the playoffs. join me and b efficiency roberts as we break it all down. plus the raiders host may peyton manning and the bron xoaps and the red-hot warriors
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one of the youngest own most popular grill last at at san francisco zoo has been killed in a tragic accident. her name was kabibe and she just had a baby. >> kab,000,000,000e was a
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favorite of school visiters. born to a gorilla who reject her, she was raised around the clock by humans at first. the zoo says she died after suffering injuries from a hydraulic door. the guerrilla exhibit is is still open. >> just days ago, a squirrel monkey was stolen but found later in backpack. : a person was injured under a train. these are some pictures sent to us by a viewer. police say the person has moderate injuries and is
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expected to survive. contra costa is reporting seeing people tapping into fire hide rants. as the county gets its waitway it could jump to $250 t not just resident dents getting haught caught in the act, authorities say streetleaners have been fines as well. arrests at a payday loan business. it happened at the advanced america office. police say a man entered the business and demanded business, presenting a gun. anyone with information is urged to call pacifica police.
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police are looking for 4 people accuse of using stolen credit cards to buy apple products. a woman reported having her wallet stolen. the men in these pictures are accuse of having stolen several credit cards and then tying to buy apple products with the credit cards. in san francisco, friends and family of missing tech worker dan ha have posted flyers around the south market neighborhood. ha work for a san francisco startup called metro mile. friends and family say it's just not like the 26-year-old to disappear. according to a flyer ha has been known to have dizzy spells where he gets light-headed and has strubl spiking.
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ha was last seen in the area where the flyers are going up. searches start at 1 p.m. b.a.r.t. police have implemented a new rule that allows officers to arrest and hand out criations to people sleeping inside the station. jeff pierce reports. >> reporter: when b.a.r.t. opens up each day at 4:15, this man and other homeless grasp for the opportunity of an hour or two of safe, dry sleep. >> if you sleep on the street, tough sleep with one eye open. >> our priority is to keep the system free and clear for the safety of ow panellers and employees. >> public sleeping is our right. >> reporter: the homeless app their advocates staged a protest to respond to increased enforcement by b.a.r.t. police to something that was at least tolerated in the past. >> we just feel there's nowhere
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else for folks to go. they've been letting folks do this for year and years and years. it's just another step in the process of criminalizing homeless folks. >> reporter: b.a.r.t. policing a knowledged the increased enforce m. >> is it a verbal warning -- we give a verbal warning, a verbal criation, then issue a criation and place them under arrest. >> if there's nowhere else -- if there's anywhere else to go, they'll probably end up back in court. >> reporter: with the winter rain approaching, the incidents of those criations will no doubt increase. >> i think we need to have a dialogue about whether this is the best way to deal with our homeless population. >> reporter: in san francisco, jeff pierce, kron 4 fuse. president obama formally
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nominated lour let that lynch to become the next attorney general. lynch is a popular prosecutor, serving her 2ed them as a u.s. attorney in new york. if cop firmed, she'll make history, become thing first african-american woman to take the post. she thanked the president and said safety is her number 1 concern. >> i pledge to you and the american people that if i have the honor of being confirmed by the senate, i'll wake up every mortgage with the protection of the american people my first thought. >> congress will need to confirm the president's nom nation. she would succeed eric holder who announced he was resigning back in september. the bor actors l mountain ski resort is open for business. boreal has received over 10 inches of snow, making it the first ski recourt stouter open for the season. they're also making snow. can you buy your early season day pass on their website for
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just 40 bucks. resort celebrated their 50th anniversary on friday. they'll have to keep making that snow, because it's melting quickly. temperatures at lake tahoe were close to 70 degrees this afternoon. south lake tahoe broke a record, record high of 68. it will stay warm for this weekend. perhaps a bit of snow coming for next week. for now, we have some fog moving through the golden gait. some heavy fog on the span. we could wake up to low clouds by the bay. for tomorrow, we'll have the low clouds in the morning, and then lot of sun shine for the afternoon, temperatures similar to what we had today. we'll have a gradual cooling trend as we go through next week, and perhaps some wet weather coming up for thursday for a storm system out in the pacific. here's us right there, and there's the stormtrack. right now, it's way north. that's seattle right there.
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it's heading into british column imra. whenever you see the storm track this far north, it's a good indication that warm weather is in place in northern california. this system will slowly push towards the west coast through wednesday. we'll get increasing clouds and a little bit of light rain i think for a thursday morning, perhaps about a quarter of app inch. in the meantime, it's low cloudiness for tomorrow. here's 6 a.m. there's low cloud inside the bay north of the san mateo ridge. also the low clouds into the north bay. this should be gone by 9 to 10:00. that will hang on throughout the afternoon, nip else whereby sunshine and warm weather, with you cooler at the beaches because of that fog, but warmer into the south bay. look for upper 70s and low 80 this is san jose. more 80ed on tap. inland valleys look in concorde and pittsburgh, 1eu degrees, 70s by the bay.
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san l naryks dro and hayward, look for mid 70s for oak lan. san francisco, another day in the 70s. and then it stays on the warm side for monday. we'll get onshore winds more cloudiness for tuesday. that system arrives late wednesday, increasing clouds, and the chance for light rain thursday morning. vicki? coming up, a dog gets out of his kennel. >> ijust want him home safe. i just want him back. >> a zest pratt search for preshts cargo. why a man is accusing delta air leadership of losing his dog. and a program reminder, kron 4 will bring you the san francisco giants victory parade in an encore celebration tomorrow. an hour-long look at the best moment and speeches. catch it tomorrow at 4, followed by the kron 4 news at 8.
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starbucks has ruled on a controversial new dress koid for they employee. workers are as -- are now allowed to show their tattoos as lodge as they're not on the face or neck. they can also wear tongue studs and ear gauges that are no wider than 10 mill meeters. starbucks says the rules are
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based on the new food ape safety guide leadership. frank ram -- rank romano says delta airlines lost his dog, ty. ty clue chued through the crate and escaped. now he's stuck in tampa and worried about his best friend. >> i just want him home safe. i just want him back. i just want to be reunited with ty again. >> they sound like they just lost a piece of bag annual, that's. he's family. >> frank rescued ty during a time when he was homeless. frank says ty is microcomoiped and he won't start searching for his dog. plaque friday sales are starting thanksgiving evening, but at toys "are" us, they'll
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start at 5 p.m. thank giving day. if you would rather get your job done before sitting down, k- mart will open at 6 a.m. it was dress rehearsal for macy's annual thanksgiving day parade. pikachu and thomas the tank engine for in attendance, including newcomers paddington bear. you promised the raiders forecast. >> it's looking warm for tomorrow within another warm day. we'll have a few clouds around 10 a.m. sunshine for the afternoon, kickoff at 1:05. readings in the 70s. elsewhere around the bay area, 70s bayside, and 80s in the warmest spots. >> if there are any clouds out there for the raiders, we hope they have a
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the navy seal who says he killed bin laden. is his life in danger? he is surrounded by security. and, the dos and don'ts of staying alive. if this ever happens to you. >> you treat that kidnapper like royalty. >> then -- >> anaconda. >> eaten alive by a 500 pound anaconda. how they pulled off this amazing tv stunt. and, actress, sherri shepherd and the baby her ex-husband says she wants nothing to do with. exclusive. her ex's first tv interview. >> do you regret marrying sherri? >> plus, don't go in the basement. you don't know what you'll find. >> this is really scary. >> they are terrified to set foot in their own basements. what we found when we


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